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All of a sudden I became everybody’s sis. Kids took turns in pulling me to their side. They huddled close to me and they didn’t even touch my hair! They would lean to me and ask me questions such as what grade I was in (kids don’t know much about high school and especially college).

Veneration of St George appears to have begun in Palestine, where a church was built during the reign of Constantine to an unnamed martyr. It is commonly believed that this unnamed martyr is St George. The earliest stories also claim that George’s mother came from Lydda in Palestine.

When learning to master speed reading, I clearly tell people, they will have lots of struggles and mistakes initially. However, if you take a look at your behavior and compare it to the model of the ideal behavior, you can learn to adjust. That`s the path to mastery of any worthwhile skill.

These are the three big fallacies we need to challenge. But there are other things you can do to make your learning better. Make a point of getting some of your learning by reading, watching videos/demos, listening to audios, teachers and experts, and by doing.

Bob read a 400 page book on educational psychology in just under seven hours. This was the text he needed to learn in order to take an advanced placement exam. The exam was scheduled to last 6 hours. Using speed reading Bob completed his exam in 50 minutes. Wait till you hear his results.

Can your child actually suffer ill effects from too little physical activity? Yes! An inactive childhood not only hinders the social and emotional development of your child, but the cognitive development, as well.

This is also about making the session easier for you as a coach. If you delegate a little responsibility to other children to help their peers it can work wonders. For example when practicing a balancing movement in Gymnastics ask children to support each other from the back/side if it is too hard to balance without stability.

Somehow I got the boy to behave and pacified the girl with mere words, words that came out of nowhere. I then asked them if they knew Joely and they pointed at the girl with the bangs.